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Le Monde Idées, 31 août 2023

Autheman C., Cattaneo C., Delabarde T. & Ludes B.

Longitudinal growth of stature in boys according to age and puberty: Prediction of adult stature from the age of 13 years

Pineau J-C., 2023. American Journal of Human Biology, e23877.

Article publié le 24 janvier 2023


Dietary strategies of Pleistocene Pongo sp. and Homo erectus on Java (Indonesia)

Kubat J. et al. 2023. Nature Ecology & Evolution 7, 279-289. Article publié le 16 janvier 2023


Age estimation at puberty, avoiding extrapolation using a non-invasive easily applicable method

Pineau J-C. & Ramirez-Rozzi FV., 2022.

Article publié le 29 septembre 2022.


Journées d’études et de conférences Identifier c’est reconNaître 12-13 octobre 2022, organisées par le laboratoire BABEL Université Paris Cité/CNRS, le CORTEM https://cortem.hypotheses.org/; le LESC https://www.lesc-cnrs.fr/; et l’URMIS https://www.urmis.fr/

Late Pleistocene large-bodied mammalian fauna from Mocun cave in south China: Palaeontological, chronological and biogeographical implications

Fan Y., Shao Q., Liao W., Bacon AM. & Wang W., 2022. Quaternary Science Reviews 294, 10741.

Article publié le 22 septembre 2022


A Middle Pleistocene Denisovan molar from the Annamite Chain of northern Laos

Demeter F. et al. 2022. Nature communications 13, 2557.

Article publié le 17 mai 2022


Chronic oropharyngeal pain and medical nomadism in an Eagle’s syndrome patient: a case report

Boucher Y., Mularski A., Felizardo R., Tankere F. & Dieb M., 2022. Journal of Medical Case Reports 16(1), 201.

Article publié le 12 mai 2022


Pineau J.C. & Ramirez Rozzi F.

Article publié le 20 février 2022


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Article publié le 14 janvier 2022


AI in Forensic Medicine for the Practicing Doctor

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Tam Pà Ling and the Eastern Asian Hominin Fossil Record

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In Un bouquet d’ancêtres, sous la direction du Pr. Y. Coppens et A. Vialet, Académie pontificale des sciences et CNRS Editions, pp. 359-372.

Trophic ecology of a Late Pleistocene early modern human from tropical Southeast Asia inferred from zinc isotopes

Bourgon N. et al., 2021. Journal of Human Evolution 161, 103075

Article publié en décembre 2021


A multi‑proxy approach to exploring Homo sapiens’ arrival, environments and adaptations in Southeast Asia

Bacon AM. et al., 2021. Scientific Reports 11, 21080

Article publié le 26 octobre 2021


The same growth pattern from puberty suggests that modern human diversity results from changes during pre‑pubertal development

Pineau JC. & Ramirez Rozzi F., 2021. Scientific Reports 11: 4817

Article publié le 1er mars 2021


Lack of FAM20A, Ectopic Gingival Mineralization and Chondro/Osteogenic Modifications in Enamel Renal Syndrome.

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Article publié le 8 décembre 2020


Forensic odontology identification response to terrorist attacks in Paris November 2015.

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Article publié le 2 novembre 2020


The genetic legacy of legendary and historical Siberian chieftains

Zvénigorosky V. et al. 2020. Communications Biology 3: 581

Article publié le 16 octobre 2020


Understanding Late Pleistocene human land preference using ecological niche models in an Australasian test case

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Article publié le 28 septembre 2020


Age Estimation of Teenage Boys During Puberty

Pineau JC., 2020. Am J Forensic Med Pathol 41, 188–193.

Article publié le 3 septembre 2020


Genetic evidence suggests a sense of family, parity and conquest in the Xiongnu Iron Age nomads of Mongolia

Keyser C. et al., 2020. Human Genetics.

Article publié le 30 juillet 2020


Linear enamel hypoplasia in large-bodied mammals of Pleistocene northern Vietnam, with a special focus on Pongo 

Bacon AM. et al., 2020. Quaternary International 563, 38-50.

Article publié le 22 juillet 2020


Excess out-of-hospital deaths during COVID-19 outbreak: Evidence of pulmonary embolism as a main determinant

Benzakoun et al., 2020. European Journal of Heart Failure 22, 1046-1047.

Article publié le 28 mai 2020


Prédiction de la masse grasse totale et du pourcentage de graisse chez les hommes adultes : étude comparative avec les modèles prédictifs élaborés en épidémiologie.

Pineau JC., 2020. Antropo 43, 1-10.


The petrous bone: Ideal substrate in legal medicine?

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Article publié le 8 mai 2020


The limitations of kinship determinations using STR data in ill-defined populations

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Article publié le 21 avril 2020


Zinc isotopes in Late Pleistocene fossil teeth from a Southeast Asian cave setting preserve paleodietary information.

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Article publié le 3 mars 2020


Genetic analysis of male Hungarian Conquerors: European and Asian paternal lineages of the conquering Hungarian tribes

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Article publié le 14 janvier 2020


Genetic kinship and admixture in Iron Age Scytho-Siberians

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Article publié le 28 mars 2019


Persistence and disappearance of traditional patrilocality matrimonial strategies and postnuptial residence patterns in two eastern Siberian communities in the Twenty-First Century

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Article publié le 1er mars 2019


Prediction of body fat in male athletes from ultrasound and anthropometric measurements versus DXA

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Article publié le 24 octobre 2019